Adventures of a Wandering Photographer: North Carolina / Georgia edition!

the woods, the mountains, they are my happy place. growing up in the flat dumpster fire that is south florida, it is no wonder my soul craves mountains, fresh air, bubbling brooks, AND FALL. all things lacking in florida’s penis. yes i just typed that for all of the internet to read. my disdain for florida is pretty in your face as you know, especially if we are friends on facebook.

when the opportunity to take a two mann workshop in asheville, north carolina was presented, i jumped at the opportunity. fall in north carolina, check. learning from my all time favorite wedding professionals, check. fall in north carolina, check. dream come true.

so i sacrificed cooking my thanksgiving feast (and honestly, i’m almost done with this cruel sham of a holiday anyway, but that’s for another blog post) and headed up to georgia. i brought my platonic partner in road trip adventures with me (our third trip to georgia)! i was paid to document the drake show in atlanta that first night so after 10 hours of driving i ended up in an uber on my way to see drake. that was an experience i’ll never forget. i’ll have to do a blog post with all of those photos soon!

on sunday i drove up to asheville, had dinner at the restaurant that inspired me to go vegan 13 years ago, and enjoyed my adorable little airbnb. forgot how much i love asheville!

asheville north carolina winter from my airbnb two mann metanoia workshop north carolina black and white image of class my classmate andra at the metanoia two mann workshop in north carolina making art with a classmate in asheville north carolina for the two mann metanoia workshop

the two mann workshop was pretty amazing. i’m not going to give you the full run down of what i learned. you’ll have to sign up and see for yourself, or find a mentor that speaks to your soul.

my takeaways were: i need to find a wifey that i can train to be my business partner / second photographer. ha ha. kidding, but not. and just keep shooting. i realize i’m not far off from where i want to be creative wise. i think i just need to keep doing what i’m doing. continue to put my heart and soul into my couples and my business. and maybe try to introvert a bit less? maybe focus on the business side and marketing more?

by the last day of the workshop i was feeling pretty run down and then on my way out to my car i missed a step and sprained my ankle. ha ha! full moon + mercury in retrograde = i’m a disaster!

lanny mann in the wild me and erika and lanny mann at the metanoia workshop sunset in asheville from my iphone

i drove four hours on thanksgiving with a roll of toilet paper for the nose leakage, cough drops for the sore throat and stopped at the gas station for dayquil to make sure i arrived to roswell alive. so happy the gas stations were all open! appreciate every single human who work on the holidays! i made it safely to roswell and locked myself in the guest bedroom away from all of the humans, because germs. i barely ate anything, barely said anything, just went to sleep.

friday was much of the same. i put on a mask so i wouldn’t affect marissa’s family members! no one needs this plague of mine.

thanksgiving dinner from bean asheville i wore a mask to make sure i didn’t spread my illness two florida girls enjoying the fireplace

saturday i finally felt well enough to leave the house. marissa suggested a metaphysical store and we all i have no willpower when it comes to the crystals! on the way home from the wicked good witchy store we passed a nature preserve and i had to do a u-turn to check it out. so what is the best activity for someone with a cold and a sprained swollen ankle to do? hike in 39 degree weather it is! i needed to connect with the trees, the ground, the air. it was glorious.

holding up a magical acorn in the forest roswell georgia hiking in fall in georgia beautiful forest preserve me hiking across a creek in roswell georgia in the fall foilage double exposure self portrait with fall leaves in roswell georgia in camera double exposure canon 5d mark iii fall foilage fall leaves in the forest of roswell georgia double exposure canon in camera magic fall foilage atlanta georgia manifesting my tiny house right over there standing in the forest in fall in roswell georgia moving water in the nature preserve roswell georgia fun tricks i learned at two mann layering images with found objects carved tree in georgia marissa crossing the creek sandy springs georgia nature preserve beautiful fall foilage in sandy springs georgia self portrait double exposure leaving the woods ouija board in the woods super creepy

so this little adventure made me feel better for sure (although it did not help the cold or sprained ankle). i needed that connecting time to be with nature. the forest recharges me every single time.

i’m definitely considering asheville and the outskirts of atlanta for my relocation / tiny house life. 2019 will be the year. just have to figure out where… and how!

asheville, nc – roswell, ga
november 2018