Adventures of a Wandering Wedding Photographer: Trinidad and Tobago

My best friend lives in Trinidad and when she planned a girls trip for a bunch of her friends to fly over and lime with her, I jumped at the opportunity.

Trinidad is everything I thought it would be. I was most impressed with the mostly untouched beaches since here in Florida everything is so built up. The beach dogs were plentiful and I fell in love with too many puppies. The only thing missing was a couple to photograph! 

Here are a few of my favorites from this amazing trip to Trinidad and Tobago. 

san fernando-14.jpg san fernando-18.jpg san fernando-24.jpg san fernando-15.jpg san fernando-34.jpg san fernando-37.jpg san fernando-41.jpg san fernando-42.jpg maracas beach-6.jpg maracas beach-27.jpg maracas beach-14.jpg maracas beach-30.jpg maracas beach-20.jpg maracas beach-34.jpg mayaro beach house-144.jpg mayaro beach house-2.jpg mayaro beach house-4.jpg mayaro beach house-8.jpg mayaro beach house-23.jpg mayaro beach house-12.jpg mayaro beach house-19.jpg mayaro beach house-76.jpg mayaro beach house-85.jpg mayaro beach house-89.jpg mayaro beach house-93.jpg mayaro beach house-96.jpg mayaro beach house-106.jpg mayaro beach house-112.jpg mayaro beach house-120.jpg mayaro beach house-138.jpg mayaro beach house-139.jpg tobago end-16.jpg tobago-vacation-pigeon-point-19.jpg tobago-vacation-pigeon-point-7.jpg tobago-vacation-pigeon-point-34.jpg tobago-vacation-pigeon-point-15.jpg tobago-vacation-pigeon-point-29.jpg tobago-vacation-pigeon-point-25.jpg tobago-vacation-pigeon-point-32.jpg tobago end-3.jpg tobago end-4.jpg tobago end-5.jpg tobago end-17.jpg tobago end-12.jpg tobago end-7.jpg tobago end-14.jpg tobago end-26.jpg tobago end-40.jpg tobago end-61.jpg tobago end-49.jpg tobago end-64.jpg

Tiny House Photo