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How to choose the best location for your Branding Portraits!

South Florida Backdrops for your Branding Photography Session

Branding Portraits should tell a story for your business or passion. The backdrop you choose is essential in helping tell your story online. Here are some ways to come up with the perfect location for your Branding Session.

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What makes sense for your Brand?

If you own a business with a physical location, clearly THAT is the best choice for your Branding Session.

For Business Owners and Creatives without a brick & mortar, choosing a location for Branding Portraits might feel overwhelming. Have no fear, we are going to break it down and figure out the best place for YOUR images.

So now I ask, what makes sense for your brand?

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South Florida Nature Backdrops

From the Everglades to Parks and Beaches, Florida has so many diverse backdrops for portrait sessions. What makes YOUR heart sing? What does your brand represent? If nature ties into your brand in some way, there are TONS of locations to choose from.

From Public Parks to the Beach, there is something for everyone!

The most popular nature backdrops are:

-The Everglades
-The Beach

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South Florida Corporate Backdrops

Looking for something less Lifestyle and more Corporate? Are you an executive looking for headshots? Perhaps you just aren’t into nature which is totally fine! South Florida is the perfect concrete jungle for your portraits.

Some popular Corporate style locations:

-Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale
-Office Buildings
-Mizner in Palm Beach
-Parking Garage Roofs with the city skyline

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South Florida Urban Backdrops

South Florida is full of art and interesting walls that make amazing backdrops for portraits. From Wynwood to Mass District in Fort Lauderdale, there is a location for everyone!

Urban locations are also usually very close to office buildings so you can book a session with 2 locations and get more of a variety for your portraits!

Most popular urban areas in South Florida:

-Wynwood Miami
-Mass District Fort Lauderdale
-Leah Arts District Miami
-Las Olas Downtown Fort Lauderdale
-Wilton Manors

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Choosing the Best Location for your Session

If there is no perfect location for you, create one! Figure out the vibe you want your photos to have and consider renting a location for a few hours. Airbnb has so many AMAZING places that are PERFECT for portrait sessions. This way you can find the aesthetic that matches your brand. Is it bougie or modern?

Some fun ideas for branding session locations:

-Plant Nursery
-Parking Garage
-Airbnb to fit your look
-Farmers Markets
-Coffee Shop
-Thrift Shop

I love storytelling for Business Owners and Creatives! No matter where we end up for your Branding Session, we will create amazing content for your social media platforms and website.

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