Best Places to Elope in South Florida | Florida Elopement Photographer

Planning Your Dreamy South Florida Elopement?

Here are a few awesome locations near Miami / Fort Lauderdale for some Elopement inspiration!

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to Elope…. now you just have to figure out WHERE! If you are deciding on locations in South Florida, you are in the right place. Here are a few of my favorite locations to document Elopements.

South-Florida-Elopement-Backyard-Wedding-Airbnb-Canal-Waterfront-First-Dance-LGBTQ-Couple Intimate-Backyard-Wedding-Fort-Lauderdale.jpg

Rent a Vacation Home for a Backyard Elopement

Backyard Weddings are my favorite trend. The Backyard Weddings and Elopements I’ve been able to document have all been over the moon amazing. If you are having a super small Elopement with less than 10 people, Airbnb or Vacation Rental might be the way to go.

Benefits of Vacation Home Rental:
-Everything can happen in 1 location
-You can get some pretty amazing spots in Miami / Fort Lauderdale
-If you’re having a few guests, they can stay at the Airbnb with you
-No onlookers / random strangers
-Budget friendly (you are staying AT your venue!)
-Perfect for Destination Elopements if you aren’t from South Florida

Here are some amazing properties that might be PERFECT for your Elopement!
Sailboat Bend Waterfront | Fort Lauderdale Cottage | Victoria Park
Funky Jungle Retreat Miami | Florida Keys Cottage

Of course you would need to clear it with the homeowner first and abide by any rules they have. If they do allow you to have a small gathering, make sure everything is in writing.

Two-Brides-Elopement-Miami-LGBTQ-Tiny-House-Photo.jpg Perez-Art-Museum-Wedding-Elopement-Miami-Tiny-House-Photo

Museums or Art Galleries

Clearly you would have to ask for permission to get married at a public location, but many Museums and Galleries are hurting for business right now. If you are an advocate of the Arts and love Museums, this might be the perfect location for you to say “we do”!

My personal favorite Museum for Elopements is the Perez Art Museum in Miami (see both photos above). There is a fee for use of their space, but it is worth every penny as the Museum grounds are GORGEOUS and offer beautiful views of the Miami Bay.

Palm_Beach_Courthouse_Elopement_Tiny_House_Photo.jpg Jeff-Steve-Courthouse-Wedding-Day-Fort-Lauderdale-Elopement-35.jpg

The Courthouse

True, South Florida does not have lavish courthouses like San Francisco, but a good old fashioned Courthouse Elopement gives couples the flexibility to create an experience and make a day out of their Elopement! Hire a photographer to follow you around for a fun filled day of activities! Your Elopement doesn’t have to end at the Courthouse. Visit a scenic park, go catch some outdoor music, have a picnic on the beach as the sunsets…. the possibilities are literally endless.

If you are visiting from out of town and want to go this route, reach out! I love helping my couples plan a custom itinerary for their Elopement Day!

Loreen-Steven-Elopement-Courthouse-Hollywood-Florida-4.jpg Islamorada-Wedding-Bride-Groom-Elopement-Sunset-Dock-Tiny-House-Photo

The Beach

Well duh! South Florida is known for it’s beaches. If you are dreaming of a dreamy tropical Elopement, the beach might be a great location for you. If you are having guests, you’ll need to find out if there is a permit for the beach you’re considering. Most cities have their own set of rules and permits so definitely either ask your Elopement Planner or Photographer if you aren’t sure.

If you want an entire Elopement Experience, I would suggest the Florida Keys for your Beach Elopement. After your intimate ceremony, there are so many fun things you can do (and bring your photographer along for). Water sports, bar hopping, site seeing, or you could just chill on the beach and have a picnic or lay in a hammock together… personally, I’m still waiting for a couple to paddle board in their wedding attire!


The Redlands in Homestead, Florida

I am 100% obsessed with the farms out in Homestead. There are so many incredible venues popping up in this area. If farm, greenhouses and rustic backdrops are your jam, definitely check out the Redlands for your Elopement!

Ideas for Farm Style Elopements
-Have a catered picnic or just bring a picnic basket of goodies
-Rent a greenhouse for the afternoon – amazing photo ops!
-Book a wedding venue for a photo shoot / tiny ceremony

Here are a few amazing wedding venues in the Redlands that I personally love!
Redland Koi Gardens | Historic Walton House | Secret Gardens Miami

Vizcaya-Miami-Elopement-LGBTQ-Wedding-Tiny-House-Photo Miami-Spanish-Monastary-Elopement-Intimate-Wedding-Tiny-House-Photo

Historic Homes & Gardens

Miami and Fort Lauderdale have PLENTY of beautiful gardens and historical grounds. They do come with a hefty price tag often times. If your budget has room for this, I highly suggest booking your Elopement at one of these amazing South Florida locations.

Vizcaya | The Deering Estate | Spanish Monastary
The Bonnet House | Stranahan House

If you are on a tight budget you might consider eloping at the courthouse and then heading to one of these locations just for photos. Often times they provide photo permits for much less than their event rates.

South Florida Elopement Inspiration

Here are a few recent Elopements I’ve had the honor of documenting in South Florida. I hope I’ve helped spark some ideas for your Elopement. If you are planning to Elope in South Florida, I would LOVE to help you plan and document your day!

Fort-Lauderdale-Destination-Elopement-LGBTQ-Wedding Homestead-Backyard-Wedding-Tiny-House-Photo.jpg Deerfield-Beach-Arboretum-Brides-Portraits-Tiny-House-Photo.jpg