Magical Couples Portraits in South Florida and Beyond

South Florida Engagement Photographer

South Florida Engagement Photographer

Florida Engagement Photographer

Florida Engagement Photographer

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South Florida Engagement Photographer

You are NOT the first couple to say that, in fact, almost every couple I’ve documented has said this very thing. Do you see any awkwardness? I promise you it might feel weird at first, but once you ease into your Engagement Session, we'll feel like old friends and you might even forget I have a camera. Tiny House Photo has been documenting couples in South Florida (and beyond) for over a decade.

"This didn’t feel like a photo shoot- but in a good way;

it was a day of hanging out and her capturing REAL moments!"


We loved every moment of our session because it was unstructured & natural, causing authentic love & joy to be captured in her photos.


Stephanie really cares about her clients, and it is VERY OBVIOUS that she has such a passion for what she does.


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