Drake at the State Farm Center in Atlanta, Georgia | USA Documentary Concert Photographer

the day before i headed up to georgia for my north carolina / georgia adventure, i saw a friend’s facebook post inquiring for any concert photographers in the atlanta area. i gave a suggestion of a local photographer but realized that i would in fact be in atlanta that night! so i offered to cover the gig. a few emails later i was booked to cover the drake show the next night in atlanta. OH EM EFFIN GEE i was excited. and nervous. i only had experience documenting one live show before and i did well, but it wasn’t stadium level!

it was pretty fun running around the stadium with security trying to figure out where i could and couldn’t shoot with my press pass. i didn’t have access to the floor (booooo!) but i tried like hell! i basically wandered around the stadium with my ticket and my press pass and was only bothered by one grumpy usher.

so the scope of the project was for the company (PRG) that does the lighting and video for this tour. i brought three lenses (24, 50 and 135mm) and one camera body and did the best i could with the access that i had. i’m pretty happy with the results. i’m sure i would have done even better had i gotten that stage floor access.

opening act drake concert atlanta georgia © tiny house photo 2018 migos opening act drake concert 2018 atlanta by tiny house photo drake concert atl migos opening for drake atlanta georgia by tiny house photo sneak peek -6.jpg sneak peek -9.jpg sneak peek -10.jpg sneak peek bw-2.jpg drake_atlanta_saturday_show_prg_tiny_house_photo-236.jpg sneak peek -4.jpg sneak peek bw-1.jpg sneak peek -3.jpg drake_atlanta_saturday_show_prg_tiny_house_photo-85.jpg sneak peek -5.jpg

for as long as i can remember i’ve been in love with the idea of touring concert photography. maybe not as far back as debbie gibson, but the smashing pumpkins / tori amos era FOR SURE. i would love to tour with a band that i adore and document their on the road adventures. are you listening tegan and sara, lp, eminem, and mumford and sons?!?!?!? i want to tour with youuuuuuuuu.

i’d gladly cover a concert with floor / backstage access again! as long as it’s not country music, that ish makes my ears bleed!

drake concert
(night two 11/17/18)
atlanta, georgia
© tiny house photo 2018