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Since today is Earth Day (well every day should be Earth Day since we live here) I decided it was the perfect opportunity to give some inspiration on how to have an Eco-Friendly Wedding Day.

1. Propose with Vintage or Sustainable Rings

Propose with a gemstone vs. a diamond or choose a vintage engagement ring. Gold and Diamond mining are not ethical nor sustainable. There are so many amazing Jewelers out there utilizing sustainable sources for gemstones. Midwinter Co is my personal favorite eco-friendly Jeweler.

Passing down a family heirloom is also a wonderful way to keep your ring choice eco-friendly. Of course this is not an option for everyone. If you’re able to pass down your rings, this is a great way to honor your loved ones and continue a lovely tradition.

Eco Friendly Wedding Rings

2. Skip the extravagant Wedding Day and ELOPE!

Eloping definitely isn’t for everyone, but if you have a want for a more intimate, intentional and super eco-friendly union, eloping might just be for you. You can have much smaller carbon footprint by having an Elopement vs. a full on Wedding Day.

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3. Choose an Eco-Friendly Wedding Venue

Find an incredible outdoor space, animal sanctuary, farm, greenhouse, botanical garden or national park for your Wedding Day. Getting married in nature is great for so many reasons. You’re celebrating the earth, you’ll require less decor because nature is BEAUTIFUL. Booking an Eco-Friendly venue is great because your money is going to help sustain an important location.

Eco Friendly Wedding Venue


Reusing, repurposing and renting is the best way to source your Wedding decor. If Wedding rentals aren’t an option for you, consider hitting up your local thrift store or check out your local Facebook Marketplace OR local Facebook Wedding Groups. Couples are always trying to sell off their freshly used Wedding Decor online.

Eco Friendly Wedding Decor

There are rental companies you can source your seating, tableware, plates, glasses, linens and pretty much everything. Unearthed Rentals is one of the more popular Wedding Rental companies for South Florida Weddings.

Eco Friendly Wedding Inspiration

If you end up purchasing decor for your Wedding consider purchasing from local artists to give back to your local community. Look for organic and natural materials for your decor and items you’d actually be able to repurpose in your home after the Wedding.

Boho Crystal Infused Wedding

5. Plan a Vegan Wedding Menu

Did you know vegan meals can lower your carbon footprint drastically? Here’s a list of reasons why going vegan can make such a huge impact. Serving your Wedding Guests a vegan dinner is a great way to have an Eco-Friendly Wedding.

If you’re planning a vegan Wedding here are some more resources:
The Kind Bride
Ultimate Guide to Planning a Vegan Wedding

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Vegan Wedding Menu

6. Go Vintage or Rent Your Wedding Attire

This Bride repurposed her Mother’s Wedding Gown by going for alterations and creating an amazing custom gown for her day. The Groom and his Wedding Party chose to rent their suits.

If vintage isn’t your style, consider donating your Wedding Clothes to a worthy cause after your Wedding Day.

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Wearing clothing you already own is also another way to reduce your Wedding Carbon Footprint. This Couple chose to wear their already broken in boots for their Elopement Day.

Sustainable Wedding Ideas

7. Go Intimate with a Micro Wedding

If you aren’t feeling an Elopement and decide on a big Wedding Day, consider cutting your guest list and have a Micro Wedding. It’s less of an impact on the environment, more affordable for your budget and creates a more intimate and meaningful day.

Intimate Micro Wedding

8. Eco Friendly Flowers

Have you seen the Wooden Wedding Bouquets? THEY ARE INCREDIBLE. I’ve seen so many amazing Wedding Bouquets without using cut flowers. Check out Etsy or Sola Wood Flowers for more inspiration.

This Couple chose to decorate their Vegan Wedding Cake with Sola Wood Flowers and it came out absolutely STUNNING.

Vegan Wedding Cake with Wood Flowers

They had a matching Bouquet and Boutonniere they created from Sola Wood Flowers kit. There are plenty of Etsy shops that specialize in creating the bouquets as well.

Sola Wood Flowers Wedding Bouquet

This Black and White image was a Double Exposure I made with the Brides Harry Potter Bouquet made from Harry Potter pages. The second image is a bouquet a Bride MADE out of comic book pages.

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Eco Friendly Wedding Bouquet

Consider decorating with PLANTS instead of cut flowers. The greenery can be potted plants that can go home with your guests as Wedding favors. Plants are huge right now so your Wedding Guests will probably be totally happy going home with a potted plant.

Repurpose the plants throughout the day starting with Ceremony, moving them to the dining tables and then sending your guests home with them.

Boho Eco Friendly Wedding

9. Have a Gift-less Wedding

You have so many options for a gift free Wedding. Create a honey-fund where your family can donate money to your honeymoon, baby planning, or buy a home fund. If asking for money isn’t your thing, consider a donation option. Have guests donate to your favorite charity. If you are having your Wedding around the holidays you can ask for an unwrapped toy. You can make a huge donation to your favorite Children’s charity with your gifted toys.

There are so many amazing ways to have a gift-less Wedding that makes a huge impact for your community and the environment.

Another newer trend is having an animal adoption rescue attend your reception with Dogs and Cats that are currently up for adoption so Wedding Guests can bring home a new family member. It’s a great way for your friends and family to learn about your local rescue group and possibly gain a new pet.

10. Plant Trees

If you’re choosing to skip the sand pouring, hand fasting and other ceremony traditions, consider planting a tree together.

Bride and Groom planting a tree

You can also gift your guests with seeds they can plant at home or the potted plants like suggested above.

Weddings do not have to break your Carbon Footprint, there are so many sustainable and eco-friendly ways to have a low impact Wedding Day.

And remember, Earth Day is EVERY DAY.