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Engaged and Dreaming of your Wedding Day?

Being engaged is SUCH an exciting time in your life, but can also become super stressful once the wedding planning begins. The first step to wedding planning is deciding what you want your day to look like. There are SO many ways to get married these days. If you’re stuck on deciding how you want to get married, this is the blog post is for you. Whether you are dreaming of a DIY budget friendly wedding or a super luxurious ballroom wedding this blog post will break it all down to help you decide what your perfect day looks like.

San Francisco City Hall is an EPIC Courthouse for an Incredible Wedding Day!

San Francisco City Hall is an EPIC Courthouse for an Incredible Wedding Day!

The Courthouse Elopement

Heading to the Courthouse to Elope is probably the most simple way to get married. So many couples who get too stressed with wedding planning end up heading to the courthouse instead. If this is the route you decide to take, make sure you make the day special.

Surround yourself with the necessary friends and family, vendors who are aligned with your vision and create your dream courthouse elopement.

Pros: Quick, Easy, Drama Free, Intimate, Small Budget Friendly
Cons: Family and Friends might be upset if they aren’t involved

If a Courthouse Elopement is going to ruffle feathers in your circle, maybe consider having a big after elopement celebration so you can include your loved ones.

Things You Might Include: Closest Friends/Family

Make it Extra: Have a super fancy dinner with your closest friends and family or a super fun Portrait Session!

Couple Holding Courthouse Ticket South Florida Elopement Photographer Tiny House Photo .jpg rings-elopement-tiny-house-photo-fort-lauderdale-beach-1.jpg Fort Lauderdale Destination Elopement LGBTQ Couple

The Adventure Elopement

Adventure Elopements are all the rage now for adventure loving couples who aren’t into the whole fairytale wedding deal or not into being the center of attention in front of hundreds of wedding guests. Decide as a couple WHERE you want to elope and make an adventure out of it. Hiking in Iceland? Hot Air Balloon Adventure in New Mexico? Bring along your dream photographer and an officiant and make the day all about your love for adventure. Some dreamy destinations for an adventure elopement: Denali National Park, Zion National Park, Moab, Yosemite, Big Sur, Kauai, Joshua Tree, Coasts of Oregon… so many amazing locations you can explore and speak your vows to each other.

Pros: Unforgettable Experience, Making your day your own, Travel!!
Cons: Family and Friends might be upset if they aren’t involved

Even if you elope abroad or in some fun destination location, you can throw a party when you get home for your friends and family.

Things You Might Include: Fun Itinerary, Personal Vows and bring your dogs!

Make it Extra: Bring champagne! Spend a little extra on a couture dress to make your photos that much more spectacular.

Wynwood Elopement LGBTQ Couple Miami Florida Kate + Hannah Elopement Gunnison Colorado-12.jpg maui-wedding-photographer-steph-lynn-photo.jpg

The Surprise Wedding

This is a growing trend and it can be AMAZING should you pull off this huge surprise. Invite all of your friends to your swanky engagement party and then surprise them by showing up in your wedding duds and saying “we do” turning it into a huge surprise wedding. I haven’t had the pleasure of documenting one of these surprise weddings, but I sure do want to!

Pros: Unique, Non-traditional, Invite everyone, no feelings hurt, kind of quick, super fun!
Cons: Might be difficult if you’re bad at surprises.

Things You Might Include: Food trucks! Photo booth!

Make it Extra: Hire a local band to play!

Fort_Lauderdale_Photographer_Tiny_House_Photo-76.jpg Bride-Groom-Eating-Suprise-Wedding-Tiny-House-Photo Intimate Fort Lauderdale Destination Elopement LGBTQ.jpg

The Intimate Wedding

Saying I do in front of your closest friends and family. 30 guests or less. A meaningful and intimate ceremony setting. Intimate Weddings can be totally low key and beautiful in nature or at a meaningful venue.

Pros: Great for Introverts, Small Budget Friendly, Can totally make it a “Pop up” Ceremony
Cons: If you have a big family this might be challenging

Things You Might Include: Get ready together! Gourmet Dinner, Intimate Setting, Fun Excursion for your guests.

Make it Extra: Make it a Destination Wedding!

Intimate-Wedding-Bride-Groom-Dancing-San-Francisco-Bay-Area_Photographer-Tiny-House-Photo south-florida-wedding-photographer-tiny-house-photo-42.jpg bride_groom_married_ceremony_tiny_house_photo_love_rustic_bohemian_wedding_photography.jpg

The Backyard Wedding

Backyard weddings are a personal favorite. Backyard weddings can be as luxurious or low key as your heart desires. I’ve documented backyard weddings that included a planner and a completely upscale vibe and I’ve documented a few that were totally DIY and straight out of Pinterest. Backyard weddings can be whatever you dream them to be.

Pros: Couple Oriented, More Intimate, More Meaningful, All in one location, No venue restrictions!
Cons: Guest count might be limited, Weather, Parking might be an issue.

Things You Might Include: Tent for inclement weather

Make it Extra: Hire some entertainment for cocktail hour! One backyard wedding I documented had a Chinese Dragon Dance because their wedding was on Chinese New Year!

Pinecrest-Backyard-Intimate-Wedding-Ceremony-Miami-Intimate-Weddings-Photographer-Tiny-House-Photo Fort Lauderale Backyard Wedding Ceremony Tiny House Photo-59.jpg florida-keys-destination-wedding-photographer-flower-bomb-ceremony-emotional-moment-love.jpg

The Destination Wedding

Want to travel and bring all of your wedding guests with you? It’s definitely a thing! This is a GREAT option for couples who have family all over the place. Everyone gets a vacation experience and it can be totally unique!

Pros: Everyone gets a vacation experience, Unforgettable Experiences
Cons: Flights and Lodging can be pricey, If you’re doing DIY you have to lug everything with you.

Things You Might Include: Definitely hire a local planner. A Welcome Party for all of your guests! Survival Box with Travel necessities your guests may have forgotten…special touch: have them at each guests hotel room.

Make it Extra: Book a mansion and stay with all of your guests for the weekend!

fort-lauderdale-destination-wedding-photographer-beach-ceremony-pelican-grand.jpg South_Florida_Photographer_Tiny_House_Photo-20.jpg wedding_ceremony_wyndemere_country_club_naples_florida-94.jpg

The Big Dream Wedding

So many people I meet have been dreaming of this big dream wedding since they were kids. It’s such a fairytale come true when they pull off these massive weddings. The first trick to this luxury wedding with over 100 people is to hire a competent planner. Hire a Professional Planner to execute this kind of event or you’ll ultimately be disappointed. Fairytale weddings are not for the feint of heart.

Pros: You’ll be surrounded by your favorite people, Wedding of your dreams, Gorgeous upscale venue.
Cons: Family Drama, Expensive, Can be stressful, Becomes about everyone else, Your night will end with removing bobby pins from your updo and eating wedding leftovers because you didn’t have time to eat!

Things You Might Include: Confetti blast during the reception,

Make it Extra: If you have a Groom – hire a Butler / Concierge for him!

miami-biltmore-wedding-photographer-reception-party-7.jpg Destination Wedding Playa Del Carmen Mexico

No matter how you get married your wedding day should be all about you as a couple. Make all the decisions together and make your day memorable for you and your guests!

Of course you should hire a Professional Photographer no matter how you celebrate your marriage. Pictures or it didn’t happen! Wink Wink!

Are you engaged and planning on eloping or having a wedding? Tiny House Photo is a traveling wedding and elopement photographer and SO MUCH MORE. Let’s chat about your day and how I might be able to help you!