Fort Lauderdale Day In The Life Engagement Session | Florida Documentary Wedding Photographer

For all of the couples who feel awkward
about having their engagement portraits taken…

Tiny House Photo is now offering Engagement
Day In The Life Experiences

When Max inquired with me to document his Boho Backyard Wedding Day I was ELATED. First of all, backyard weddings are pretty much my favorite thing ever and did I mention that Max is a Badass Professional Photographer here in Fort Lauderdale as well?!?!? His amazingly gorgeous fiancé is a witchy yoga goddess so you know we hit it off right away between Astrology and Doterra! Ha ha!

We couldn’t do just an average Engagement Session for these two creative souls, they wanted more. So I offered them a Day In The Life Experience. Documentary style photography is relaxed, natural, doing your own thing and hanging out with me while I make photos. It’s painless, not at all awkward and kind of just a fun time hanging with me. Unposed sessions are great for couples who feel stressed out of the thought of being in front of the camera.

From Ashley:

Working with Stephanie for our engagement shoot was a fantastic experience!
Documentary style is perfect for me because I tend to be a little uncomfortable in front of the camera! This didn’t feel like a photo shoot- but in a good way; it was a day of hanging out and her capturing REAL moments!! I can’t wait for my wedding day!!!

Here are a few of my favorites from Ashley & Max’s Day in the Life Experience.

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