How To Choose A Location For Your Engagement Photos | Fort Lauderdale Engagement Photographer

Can’t decide on a location for your Engagement Photos?

Here are some ideas and suggestions to help you decide!

Engagement Photos are an important part of the wedding process. They show you off as a couple, help tell your love story to your family, friends and wedding guests, get you comfortable being in front of the camera before your wedding day, and can be useful for your wedding website, instagram, save the dates, and so much more. Choosing a location can add more stress to your already full plate so let me help you decide what is best for you as a couple.

Key-Largo-Florida-Engagement-Session-LGBTQ-Couple-Tiny-House-Photo Engagement-Portrait-Couple-Sitting-on-Rocks-Beach-Waves-Crashing-South-Florida-Photographer-Tiny-House-Photo

What is your vibe?

I know, that’s a weird question. Are you outdoorsy or do you prefer no bugs and a/c? Do you love architecture? Are you beach bums? Finding your couple aesthetic is key to the perfect engagement photos. Decide the feeling you want in your images so you can find your perfect location. First decide what you both love as a backdrop before deciding on the specific place.

-Urban / Art
-Downtown City

Downtown-Delray-Engagment-Session-Couple-Kissing-Blue-Wall Sutro-Baths-San-Francisco-Engagement-Session-Scenic Engagement-Session-Wilton-Manors-Tiny-House-Photo-19.jpg Apopka-Engagement-Session-Couple-on-Dock-By-Lake-Tiny-House-Photo

If you’re including your pets, is the location pet friendly?

If you are including your fur-babies, consider starting your session in your home or backyard and then changing locations so you can leave your pets at home for the remainder of your session!

If you do decide to bring your pup to a public location, consider bringing a family member or friend to hang on to them while you have your couples portraits taken. You want a variety of images, not just with your animals!

Couple-With-Two-Dogs-Engagement-Session-Miami-Photographer-Tiny-House-Photo Engaged-Couple-at-home-with-cats-Fort-Lauderdale-Tiny-House-Photo San-Francisco-Rooftop-Engagement-Session-Couple-With-Dog-Tiny-House-Photo Engaged-Couple-Davie-Florida-with-dog-Tiny-House-Photo

Do you have a favorite hobby you love to do together?

If you love gardening, consider getting dirty for your photos! Obsessed with Paddleboarding or boating? Make it happen for your session! Whatever you love to do as a couple is what you should do for your session. Bring your photographer with you on a little adventure and your portraits will shine. Here are a few of my favorite examples:

-Making Pottery
-Farmers Market
-Boat ride
-Coffee Shop
-Paddleboarding / Kayaking
-Going to hear a local band play
-Comic book store
-Vegan Cafe
-Local Brewery

Hobbies that you enjoy together will help you feel more comfortable in your portraits and give you something to focus on. Instead of “just a photo session” it becomes more personal and different!

Vegan-Couple-Vegan-Cafe-Engagement-Portraits-Tiny-House-Photo-South-Florida Jupiter-Florida-Sunset-Engagement-Session-Couple-In-Love-Tiny-House-Photo Two-Engaged-Women-Sailboat-Miami-Tiny-House-Photo

Does this location hold sentimental value for you as a couple?

The location you met, had your first date, met each others families for the first time, first kiss, first anniversary, etc. If a location you love has sentimental value, definitely consider it for your Engagement Session. Choose a space where you will be comfortable being affectionate with one another. Choosing a location that is meaningful to you both will provide another layer of emotion and meaning to your portraits.


Does the location require a permit?

Some locations require permits for photography. Many private gardens, museums and historical spaces have photography permit fees in order to use the property for a session. If you have a specific location in mind for your engagement session, definitely call the location first to find out if photography is allowed and how much a permit costs.

West-Palm-Beach-Engagement-Session-Couple-Posing-City-Water Piggy-Back-Ride-Wynwood-LGBTQ-Couple-Laughing-Engagement-Photos-Tiny-House-Photo Couple-Jumping-Open-Field-South-Florida-Engagement-Portrait-Blue-Sky Prospect-Park-Brooklyn-Engagement-Portraits-Couple-Hugging-Bridge-Tiny-House-Photo

Ask your photographer!

Any professional wedding photographer will know all of the local locations for the perfect engagement session. Definitely ask for recommendations if you can’t think of anything or even browse the engagement sessions on their website for inspiration.

If you’re looking for specific locations in Fort Lauderdale, Miami or Palm Beach, I’m happy to provide you with a list of amazing locations for the backdrop of your Engagement Portraits.