How to Slay Your Outfits for Your Engagement Session | South Florida Engagement Photographer

What Should We Wear For Our Engagement Session?

This is a commonly asked question I get when my couples book their Engagement Session. There is no right or wrong answer. I’m certainly not going to send you out shopping for new clothes for your session.

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Be Yourself!

There is nothing worse than going out and spending a fortune on a new outfit only to feel not yourself and hate your photos. Be yourself. Wear an outfit you feel AWESOME in. Confidence definitely shines through in your photographs so make sure you are wearing something that helps you accomplish this.

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Be Comfortable!

Don’t wear an outfit that makes you uncomfortable. Your Engagement session is not the time to be trying on a new look. Wear an outfit you are comfortable walking in, dancing in and snuggling up to your partner in. We’ll most likely be walking a bit whether in nature or in a city, so make sure you are comfortable enough in what you are wearing to be a bit active. If your shoes are not comfortable but you HAVE to wear them, bring flip flops to walk in! Also make sure you are dressed for the weather! If your session is in winter and it’s cold outside, dress accordingly.

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Don’t Overdo it on Matching

Compliment each other’s color palette, but don’t wear matching outfits, you don’t want to end up like Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake at the 2001 American Music Awards. Pick one outfit out and then compliment your partner’s outfit in color or pattern. I like to pick a theme. “Fall or Warm Colors” is always my favorite with the yellow mustards and burnt rust colors.

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Plan an Outfit Change!

Can’t decide on what to wear? I always encourage my couples to start with a comfy casual outfit and end with a fancy outfit. That way you’re already comfortable hanging with me and taking pictures and by the time you change into your fancy outfit you’ll be ready to slay your portraits!

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More Advice

-Don’t wear anything with a Sports Team or Words (they don’t photograph well)
-Don’t wear all white, you are not in a cult. Please and thank you.
-Please don’t wear all white tops with jeans, it is not 1995.
-Be Comfortable. Be Yourself.
-Bring Comfy Shoes because there is often a lot of walking
-Use your hair / makeup wedding trial for your Engagement Session!!!
-Get a manicure the day before your session

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