South Florida Wedding

Photography Pricing

Engagement Sessions

begin at $600

Wedding collections begin at $2,400

Elopement Collections begin at $1,200

The Experience

When you book your wedding with me you are getting more than just a lady with a fancy camera.
You are getting a professionally trained expert who has seen it all, well over 150 times. You are getting a super passionate artist who creates one of a kind images and works of art. You are getting a professional who can help guide you in the right direction leading you up to your wedding day. You are getting a personal guide who will help you look your best in your images, but not overly posing you. You are getting an observer who lets you enjoy your day. You are getting an extra bridesmaid who will help with boutonnieres, fluffing veils and putting out fires. You are getting a drunk cat herder that will get you through family formals without too much chaos. You are getting a gallery of images that will help you relive your wedding day and make you feel all the feelings. You are most likely getting an awesome new friend (and photographer) for life. You are getting a human who is INVESTED IN YOU.

After all is said and done, all you have left from your special day are the photographs. Photography is truly an investment.

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