New World Sourdough | Cookbook Photography | Miami Plant Based Food Photographer

Food Photography was how I chose to spend my free time while living in New York. I started a vegan blog and it was amazingly awful. I am certainly not a writer and I definitely wasn’t ready to be a food photographer. It was more of a food journal with a photographer that didn’t quite know her style yet. Fast forward to 2013 when I was living back in South Florida and a vegan restaurant in Palm Beach hired me for their food photography. That was it, I was hooked. Since 2013 I have worked with many of the vegan restaurants and bakeries in South Florida for Lifestyle and Food Photography.

Cookbook Photography was a huge dream for me. I am low key obsessed with VK Rees and Timothy Pakron and their incredible talent with all things food photography and have been following their careers for many years.

When I got the initial email from the publisher, I was curious, but when I found out WHO the baker was I was overjoyed. I’d been following Artisan Bryan on Instagram for well over a year and was drooling over all of his amazing bread recipes. UH YES, I WANT TO PHOTOGRAPH HIS FIRST COOKBOOK!

I am still pinching myself that there is a cookbook out there with my photography in it. This was a major dream come true for me professionally and I am so grateful to Quarry Publishing and Artisan Bryan for giving me the opportunity.

I have yet to hold the book in my hands, but it is out in the world and SOLD OUT everywhere. It is currently in second print and scheduled to be released in July. I am so stoked for Bryan Ford on his success and can’t wait to see what he does next.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the New World Sourdough sessions.

New-World-Sourdough-Cover-Tiny-House-Photo.gif Artisan-Bryan-Cookbook-Photography-Stephanie-Warga Bryan-Ford-Cookbook-Photography-Stephanie-Warga Sourdough-Photography-Stephanie-Warga-Artisan-Bryan-Ford Bryan-Ford-New-World-Sourdough-Bagels-Stephanie-Warga Cookbook-Photography-Stephanie-Warga-Tiny-House-Photo New-World-Sourdough-Stephanie-Warga-Photographer Sourdough-Cookbook-Photography-Stephanie-Warga New-World-Sourdough-Cookbook-Photography-Stephanie-Warga Bryan-Ford-Cookbook-New-World-Sourdough-Photography-Stephanie-Warga Sourdough-Bryan-Ford-Food-Photography-Stephanie-Warga New-World-Sourdough-Artisan-Bryan-Cookbook-Photography-Stephanie-Warga Cookbook-Photography-Plant-Based-Food-Stephanie-Warga-Tiny-House-Photo New-World-Sourdough-Cookbook-Artisan-Bryan New-World-Sourdough-Cookbook-Photography-Stephanie-Warga-Plant-Based-Food-Photographer BreakingBread.GIF

If you’d like to purchase a copy of New World Sourdough, here is the link!

I truly hope this is the first of many cookbooks I have the opportunity to photograph. What a fun and rewarding experience this has been. Congrats, Bryan! I am so excited for you!