Siesta Key Tiny House Adventure | Wandering Wedding Photographer

When I rebranded my business last year to Tiny House Photo I immediately knew I needed branding portraits at the Tiny Houses in Siesta Key! So when we started planning our road trip to Tennessee I made it clear we needed to stop in Siesta Key for a few nights to stay in the Tiny Houses. So glad this all worked out. Here are a few of my favorite captures from our short time in Siesta Key!

siesta-key-florida-tiny-house-photo-vacation-beach-nature-macro-1.jpg siesta-key-florida-tiny-house-photo-vacation-beach-nature-macro-2.jpg siesta-key-florida-tiny-house-photo-vacation-beach-nature-macro-3.jpg siesta-key-florida-tiny-house-photo-vacation-beach-nature-macro-8.jpg siesta-key-florida-tiny-house-photo-vacation-beach-nature-macro-5.jpg Tiny_House_Photography_Stephanie_Siesta_Key.jpg pilea_Plant_Tiny_House_Photo_Siesta_Keyjpg nashville-memphis-siesta-key-vacation-tiny-house-photo-52.jpg Siesta_Key_Tiny_House_Resort_Photography.jpg

Branding Portraits shot by Stills by Hernan

Here’s a few of my favorites from my branding session with Stills by Hernan. He’s such an amazing human. Adore you, friend!

Normally I take my own portraits but I’ve wanted to feel what it’s like to work with another professional photographer, so I booked with Hernan because I’ve always been a fan of his work! It was an awesome experience, but now I know what it feels like first hand to be a client.

Tiny_House_Photo_Branding_Session.jpg Florida_Wedding_Photographer_Tiny_House_Photo_Branding_Session_Stephanie.jpg Stephanie_Owner_Tiny_House_Photo_Weddings.jpg Stephanie_Branding_Session_0305.jpg LGBTQ_Wedding_Photographer_Tiny_House_Photo.jpg Tiny_House_Photo_South_Florida_Branding_Photographer.jpg Florida_Wedding_Photographer_Tiny_House_Photo_Stephanie.jpg Florida_LGBTQ_Wedding_Photographer_Tiny_House_Photo_Photography.jpg Tiny_House_Photo_Wedding_Photography_South_Florida_Photographer.jpg Florida_Weddings_Portraits_Tiny_House_Photo_travels.jpg Hernan of Stills By Hernan. Photo by me :-)

Hernan of Stills By Hernan. Photo by me 🙂

Thank you Hernan, for these beautiful portraits and for being a kick ass friend. (Stills By Hernan)

Mom and I ate at an AMAZING raw restaurant for dinner after my session. Such a cute little family owned spot in Sarasota. Beauty of Sprouts

Siesta_Key_Raw_Restaurant_Vegan_Food_Photography_Tiny_House_Photo.jpg Siesta_Key_Food_Photographer_Tiny_House_Photo_Raw_Vegan_Restaurant.jpg Vegan_Food_Photography_Tiny_House_Photo_Tampa.jpg Vegan_Food_Photographer_Tiny_House_Photo.jpg

Finally, our last morning of the trip. Before we departed the Tiny House, we visited Siesta Key Beach for a walk. I sat mostly, took photos and sipped my coffee. I need more vacations in my life.

siesta-key-florida-tiny-house-photo-vacation-beach-nature-macro-10.jpg siesta-key-florida-tiny-house-photo-vacation-beach-nature-macro-13.jpg siesta-key-florida-tiny-house-photo-vacation-beach-nature-macro-15.jpg siesta-key-florida-tiny-house-photo-vacation-beach-nature-macro-19.jpg siesta-key-florida-tiny-house-photo-vacation-beach-nature-macro-22.jpg siesta-key-florida-tiny-house-photo-vacation-beach-nature-macro-33.jpg siesta-key-florida-tiny-house-photo-vacation-beach-nature-macro-31.jpg siesta-key-florida-tiny-house-photo-vacation-beach-nature-macro-23.jpg

Huge shoutout to my mom, for treating me to this amazing trip. Had the best time in Tennessee and Siesta Key! Can’t wait for my next travel adventure in August to Chicago and Ohio!