The Adventures of Miyagi the Pug. September 29, 2005 – February 4, 2019

Miyagi aka: Butterball, Sir Licks-a-Lot, Meester, Pug-Tay-Toe-Head.

I’m typing and putting this blog together as Mister lays next to me, wheezing, coughing and in misery. I don’t think I’ll be able to put these thoughts together after the fact, so here I am curating this blog post while he’s still here. I honestly thought he was going to pass two years ago around the time he was diagnosed with heart failure… yet here he is, still keeping me company.

Everything happens for a reason. I think the universe kept him around a little longer to help me grieve when Adam left. I kind of wished that Miyagi would pass in the weeks after Adam, just to get all of the heart break over with at once…but here he is a year later, still struggling.

A few Miyagi fun facts:
Miyagi has been my best friend for the past 13 years
We lived in 3 states & 7 cities
We loved kayaking, hiking and taking road trips together
He helped me survive 7 relationships & 7 breakups
His favorite toy was always nemo… or his bed (ha!)
Miyagi loved cross country road trips (FL-CA and CA-NY and NY-FL)
Miyagi had one girlfriend, Ginger, who sadly passed in Trinidad a few years ago
Miyagi and Adam shared a birthday 09/29
Miyagi LOVED pit bulls! He had one best friend in Oakland and Cash here in Florida!

Miyagi was seriously the best pug. The best dog. Everyone who knew him would agree. I think he lived a pretty amazing life up until the last few years with his constant health problems.

RIP my little pug son.

Miyagi Puppy Life

Margate, FL

miyagi_and_me_first_night_home.jpg adorable baby pug resting on a red couch looking very smooshy miyagi_puppy_dog_park.jpg rub_a_dub_dub_a_pug_in_the_tub.jpg miyagi_kaying_florida_keys.jpg One of the very first images I took with my first “big girl” digital camera! Wilton Manors, FL

One of the very first images I took with my first “big girl” digital camera! Wilton Manors, FL

Miyagi Moves to Oakland, CA

First Road Trip! Wilton Manors to Oakland, CA with Aunt Lisa!

me_miyagi_taos_new_mexico_selfie.jpg miyagi_me_lisa_travel_road_trip_pug_life.jpg miyagi_sand_oakland_bay_area_pug.jpg miyagi_and_me_pumpkin_patch_oakland_2008.jpg miyagi_oakland_temescal_pumpkin_patch.jpg miyagi_and_me_oakland_apt.jpg pug sitting on an armchair in the middle of the street in oakland, california miyagi_mobile_mini_oakland.jpg miyagi_eating_snacks.jpg santa_paws_pug_santa.jpg miyagi_in_my_oakland_shower.jpg

Miyagi acquired a baby pug brother named Google when we lived in Oakland! Google now lives with his other mommy in Omaha, Nebraska!

miyagi_and_google.jpg miyagi_and_google_iphone.jpg front_steps_oakland_pugs.jpg miyagi_and_google_2.jpg miyagi_rain_coat_puddles.jpg oakland_rose_garden_with_miyagi.jpg miyagi_google_dolores_park_san_francisco_pugs.jpg

Miyagi Moves to New York!

We moved in to help take care of Grandma! Miyagi and Grandma had a beautiful friendship!

pug_in_hotel_window_omaha.jpg miyagi_and_me_mud_mask_travel_hotel_life-1.jpg pug_always_by_my_side.jpg pug with usa grafitti on the ground in miami yonkers_new_york_miyagi_and_me.jpg grandma_with_miyagi.jpg bronxville_new_york_pug_walk.jpg grandma_miyagi_me_bronxville_pug_walk.jpg hudson_river_sitting.jpg HolidayFamilyPortrait10.jpg miyagi_and_me_new_york_self_portrait.jpg miyagis_resting_place.jpg miyagi_new_york_dinner_table.jpg miyagi_kissing_me_fall_ny.jpg miyagi_being_cute_arts_and_crafts.jpg miyagi_sitting_on_grams_lap.jpg stephies_stitches_miyagi_and_me_wearing_crochet.jpg hudson_river_miyagi_and_me.jpg pugs_not_drugs.jpg waking_up__sunrise_rhode_island.jpg the_way_miyagi_looks_at_me.jpg photo by jenna ebert photography - taken on a road trip from ny to fl in maryland!

photo by jenna ebert photography – taken on a road trip from ny to fl in maryland!

miyagi_snow_october_2011.jpg miyagi_yonkers_ny.jpg snowing_in_yonkers_miyagi_and_me.jpg sir_licks_a_lot_in_snow.jpg miyagi hanging with val & magali in rhode island!

miyagi hanging with val & magali in rhode island!

Miyagi moves back to Florida!

moving_from_new_york_to_florida_pug_on_moving_box.jpg pug_on_rainbow_blanket_holding_bone_in_mouth_funny_photo pug_in_uhaul_moving_girlfriend_memories_tattoos_good_times pug smiling up at the camera candidly happy_birthday_pug.jpg pug with reindeer antlers surrounded by christmas ornaments adorable pug wearing a green puppia harness handsome male pug modeling for the camera miyagi_meets_dany.jpg miyagi_and_cash.jpg pug_with_mom_florida_sunshine.jpg pug_shadow_trees_beautiful_day_florida.jpg gorgeous_pug_model.jpg pug_life_florida.jpg pug_birthday_portrait.jpg pug_christmas.jpg pug_and_mini_cooper.jpg pug_head.jpg pug_garden_relaxation.jpg miyagi_and_dany_waiting.jpg miyagi_unicorn_pug_halloween.jpg pug_christmas_lights.jpg pug_with_toys_black_and_white.jpg pug_sitting_bed_with_husky.jpg pug_in_my_suitcase_black_and_white.jpg pug_with_pug_friends.jpg documentary_family_photographer_self_portrait_DITL-105-2.jpg pug_staring_into_the_light.jpg miyagi’s last trip to the dog beach in dania beach, florida dany_miyagi_lake_sunday-52.jpg documentary_family_photographer_self_portrait_DITL-14.jpg pug_feet_seizures_scary_day.jpg

mister miyagi was the best pug and i’ll miss him forever.