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Vegan Wedding Planning

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Congrats on your engagement! Wedding Planning can be completely overwhelming, and throw a vegan menu into the mix and it could be even more frustrating…but it doesn’t have to be! Research, research and more research. I’ve done some for you to help you out.

Luckily for all of us plant eaters, the world is becoming more accommodating to our plant based diets so your vegan wedding will most likely be a huge success.

Here’s some advice for those cruelty free couples who are planning a vegan wedding.

flamingo-gardens-wedding-venue-details-florals-portraits-tiny-house-photo.jpg vegan wedding peacock tiny house photo

Number one most important piece of advice….remember that this is YOUR day.

Don’t let anyone dictate what you should and shouldn’t serve at your wedding. If you’re vegan, have a vegan wedding if that is what your heart desires. You can totally show off to your family and friends that vegan food is so much more exciting than just tofu and salad!

Do make sure you send the menu options with your invites so it’s not a total surprise on your big day. This way if guests are adamant about not eating veggies, they can make sure they show up well fed or know they’ll be eating once they leave the wedding. Make sure you offer a few options in case of allergy or aversions (ew, mushrooms!).

Surround yourself with vegan vendors if possible! Having like minded wedding vendors will ensure your wedding is aligned with your vision! (I know a totally awesome vegan wedding photographer if you need one, wink wink!)

cat at a wedding puppy in tux wedding tiny house photo miami

Include your animals in your wedding festivities!

Get ready at home if you’re having your wedding locally and include your fur children in your getting ready process. Or if you have well behaved animals, include them in your wedding ceremony if the venue allows this sort of thing!

If it doesn’t work out logistically, you can always incorporate animals into the decor as these couples did.

cat loving couple includes kitty decor in their wedding tiny house photo vegan wedding cocktail hour decor vegan wedding tiny house photo

If you really truly want wedding formals with your animals but they absolutely can not be there on your wedding day, add a “day after portrait session” in your wedding photography package so you can include your beloved fur children in your wedding memories!

Here’s a blog post from a couple that did just that, with their FOUR cats! (read more here) Day after wedding portraits don’t have to actually be the day after your wedding. They can be a few days, weeks or even months after the wedding! Your wedding photographer will most likely be totally on board with this idea, I know I was! (I’m pretty sure that cat session was my idea!)

A vegan wedding feast!

vegan wedding food tiny house photo vegan wedding entrees flamingo gardens florida tiny house photo

Vegan cuisine has come a long way in the last 10 years. so many mainstream restaurants are adding vegan options to their menus! What a time to be alive… and get married!

My advice for catering is make sure you go with one that has catered a vegan wedding or event before. You don’t necessarily have to hire a 100% vegan caterer, however make sure they have a solid vegan menu and can accommodate your wedding wishes.

The Vegan Caterer
Portland, OR

Two Chicks and a Pot
Central FL

From the Garden
Bay Area, CA

Denver, CO

Caravan of Dreams

Cinnamon Snail (food truck)

Box of Chacos
Fort Lauderdale, FL

The Naked Bite
South Florida

Veganics Vegan Catering
Los Angeles, CA

Vegan Wines

Rustic Food Custom Catering
Clifton, NJ

Miss Rachel’s Pantry
Philadelphia, PA

Green Cart Catering
New Jersey

GB Culinary

Denver, CO

GB Culinary

Seed Kitchen
Venice, CA

Green Plate Catering

Plum Vegan
Houston, TX

Vegetarian Gourmet
Oakland, CA

Let them eat cake (and doughnuts & sweets)

vegan wedding cake by bunniecakes in miami Tiny House Photo

Vegan bakeries are sprouting up all over the country. Here are a few well known bakeries that offer wedding cakes.

Miami, FL

Vahalla Bakery
Orlando, FL

Wholesome Bakery
San Francisco, CA

Sweetpea Baking Co
Portland, OR

Donut Friend (hey doughnut cakes are a thing. or doughnut tables!)
Los Angeles, CA

Make Believe Bakery
Denver, CO

Lagusta’s Luscious (vegan macaroons & chocolates)

Cinnamon Snail (food truck / catering)

Flying Apron
Seattle, WA

Erin McKenna’s (formerly Babycakes)

Sticky Fingers
Washington DC

Reverie Bakeshop
Dallas, TX

Artisan Bake Shop
Rochester, MA

Whole Foods Market
Major cities USA

Sugar Couture (vegan options)
Brooklyn, NY

Sensitive Sweets
Los Angeles

vegan wedding cake by vahalla bakery orlando florida tiny house photo

Cruelty free wedding attire

miami-wedding-photographer-bridesmaids-bouquets-flowers-beautiful-pink-dresses-photography.jpg orange-county-wedding-photographer-bride-moody-expressive.jpg

Materials that are not vegan: silk, pearls, leather, fur, suede, feathers, wool, etc.

These materials are vegan friendly: lace, sateen, chiffon, cotton, linen, taffeta, tulle, polyester, acrylic, and nylon.

Silk is not vegan and finding silk free wedding attire (dresses and ties) can be kind of tricky.

Here are a few dress shops that offer cruelty free dresses:
Emmy Mae Bridal
Rime Arodaky
Dalia MacPhee
The Cotton Bride
David’s Bridal
BHLDN (just review the materials under product details while browsing)

And for the vegan men:
Brave Gentleman
Hall Madden
Jaan J. (vegan ties)
High Cotton (more vegan ties)
Two Guys Bow Ties (wood bowties)

Opting to wear your mom (or other relative’s) wedding dress or renting a gown is also a great sustainable option.

Choose dresses for the bridesmaids that they will be able to wear again, buy second hand or use something that they already own!

Vegan friendly venues

vegan farm wedding tiny house photo

List of animal sanctuaries that accommodate weddings: read more

Greenhouse Loft
Chicago, IL

The Kampong
Miami, FL

The Addison
Boca Raton, FL

Flamingo Gardens
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Old Edwards Inn
Highlands, NC

The Stanford Inn
Mendocino, CA

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary
High Falls, NY

Mass Audubon
Lincoln, MA

Desert Botanical Garden
Phoenix, AZ

Wild Basin Lodge
Allenspark, CO

Many wedding venues and hotels make their couples choose the house caterer or from their list of preferred vendors which more often than not, is NOT vegan friendly. When searching for your perfect wedding venue, make sure they allow outside caterers so you can choose the perfect wedding menu!

Wineries, farms, animal sanctuaries, mountains, gardens, forests, and even tropical beaches can be the perfect backdrop to a vegan wedding. Allow your guests to connect with nature while enjoying your plant based party! You could also have the ceremony at your desired location and then throw the reception at your favorite vegan eatery.

vegan wedding photographer tiny house photo yosemite wedding in nature tiny house photo

Tips for DIY vegan weddings
Eco friendly + sustainable


Instead of gifts you could always donate money to your favorite charity and include that information in your wedding programs!

Use living plants as decor. Potted orchids can be sent home with your guests as gifts!

Use items from home that you already have! Or purchase decor (vases, table elements, signage, linens) from a second hand store! There are also TONS of furniture rentals for wedding decor!

Instead of confetti or sparklers for your exit, have your guests blow bubbles or toss lavender pieces.

Use chalkboards for signage so you can reuse after the wedding.

Choose eco friendly sustainable wedding bands. Do Amore EcoCult OffBeatBride

eco friendly sustainable flowers

Use online save the dates and create a wedding website for your guests to send their RSVPs! Or use papers that are biodegradable or even plantable like from Botanical Paperworks. How cool is that?!?!

Opt for a dried flower bouquet (as seen on etsy), paper bouquets (also on etsy) or try a florist that recycles flowers like Rebloom!

Wedding gifts for your guests should be edible or biodegradable and something that the guests can actually use. Or opt to let them take home the centerpieces! Coffee beans, homemade tea packets, biodegradable seed packets and craft beer were my favorite gifts that I’ve seen at weddings!

I hope you’ve found this blog post useful in your quest to create the vegan wedding of your dreams! If you have personal experience with any additional products, services, or venues feel free to leave a link in the comments.

Hope you have the best vegan wedding ever!