Wandering Photographer Adventures in Seattle | Wandering Wedding Photographer

My mom asked me a few months ago if I wanted to join her and my aunt on a cruise to Alaska. My first response was no. I’m in the middle of a business rebrand, a very slow summer and I’m not really much of a cruise person, but after some consideration I decided to go because I haven’t seen my aunt and cousin in a long time. Plus, when else will I get the chance to see Alaska before the icebergs melt?

So here I am, a day and a half in Seattle. I got to do everything I wanted except venturing off to Forks. I was also extremely disappointed to find out that Grey’s Anatomy is actually filmed in Los Angeles and not Seattle. I would totally stop by Seattle Grace if given the opportunity!

We started the day at Chihuly and then I spent the afternoon with Seattle’s best weatherman, Seth Wayne (we went to high school together in Fort Lauderdale) and frolicked around the Capitol Hill area. We had lunch at Plum Bistro and ended up with half a dozen Mighty-o doughnuts!

seattle-day-one-6.jpg seattle-day-one-10.jpg seattle-day-one-13.jpg seattle-day-one-15.jpg seattle-day-one-20.jpg seattle-day-one-25.jpg seattle-day-one-39.jpg seattle-day-one-24.jpg seattle-day-one-30.jpg seattle-day-one-45.jpg seattle-day-one-33.jpg seattle-day-one-48.jpg seattle-day-one-47.jpg seattle-day-one-52.jpg seattle-day-one-54.jpg seattle-day-one-part-two-4.jpg seattle-day-one-part-two-6.jpg seattle-day-one-part-two-15.jpg seattle-day-one-part-two-19.jpg seattle-day-one-part-two-20.jpg seattle-day-one-part-two-30.jpg seattle-day-one-part-two-27.jpg