Wedding Photography Goals: Document a Wedding in Every State!

I love two things in this life. Traveling and my job (my passion) as a wedding photographer.

Most of the wedding photographers I know have a bucket list of weddings they want to document. Celebrity weddings or destination weddings abroad are mostly on those lists. Some might include insane things happening like a natural disaster or insane news story so their wedding photos go viral.

photographer hiking in the woods in fall in north carolina stephie_traveling_across_the_united_states_utah_beautiful_mountain_view_best_self-1.jpg

My bucket list is simple.

I want to document a wedding in all 50 states.

I’ve documented weddings in:
Florida (duh)
California (twice)
New Jersey (2019)

So that leaves me with 46 states left to tackle.

I’d LOVE to accomplish this in the next 5 years. I’m turning 40 in 2019. Yup, old lady over here. I’d love to maybe retire from wedding photography at 45 so I can host guests at my Tiny House Bed & Breakfast. Hey, manifesting my retirement over here! I’ll always be a photographer but my late 40’s will consist of vegan cookbook photography.

wedding at glacier point in yosemite california. bride and groom are standing beside their bridesmaids in a gorgeous mountain setting saying their vows.

Can’t believe this was my first wedding ever. I had zero idea what I was doing or what I was suppose to do. I am FOREVER grateful Lauren trusted me with her wedding day when I was a complete newbie to weddings. I keep begging her to have a vow renewal in the same location so I can document it as a professional!

Bride in Groom tossing rose petals in the air, laughing and enjoying their wedding day. A black and white image taken by Tiny House Photo.

Another wedding where my friends put trust into me when I was still new at weddings. A gorgeous wedding in Maui. At this point I had a few weddings under my belt and a brand new Canon 5D Mark III, but I was still new.

A bride and groom standing in a gorgeous window in San Francisco’s Iconic City Hall. A beautiful black and white image of the Bride and Groom

San Francisco’s iconic City Hall. A dream and a bucket list wedding for me. I loved every single aspect of this wedding. The bride and groom, their story, the setting, their amazing friends and family. Everything was PERFECT! The Bay area is home to me, although I haven’t lived there in 10 years. I visit often and I would LOVE to book more weddings in San Francisco! Ugh, my heart!

playa-del-carmen-wedding-photographer.jpg destination-wedding-photographer-south-florida-wedding.jpg

I’ve documented a wedding in Mexico and another in Canada and they were equally amazing experiences, but my goal is domestic. I wouldn’t turn down an international wedding. I’m still looking at Peru and Costa Rica and Croatia for weddings!! But I want to experience a wedding in every state. I’ve done two cross country road trips (FL-CA and CA-NY) so I’ve seen a lot, but I haven’t experienced it, if that makes sense. Who knows, maybe I’ll write a memoir once I accomplish this.

So if you are reading this and know someone planning a wedding anywhere in the United States (other than Florida), send them my website!

A few other dream weddings on my bucket lists are: Alpaca themed, Pug themed, and Twilight themed weddings. That Breaking Dawn wedding is my dream wedding! My favorite weddings are always the vegan weddings and the LGBTQ+ weddings because helloooooooooooo my people! My kind of humans are kind, compassionate, love animals, value art, love to travel and enjoy a good craft beer or a french press coffee.

I am looking for:
Alabama wedding
Alaska wedding
Arizona wedding
Arkansas wedding
Colorado wedding
Connecticut wedding
Delaware wedding
Georgia wedding
Hawaii (I wouldn’t mind a do over!)
Idaho wedding
Illinois wedding
Indiana wedding
Iowa wedding
Kansas wedding
Kentucky wedding
Louisiana wedding
Maine wedding
Maryland wedding
Massachusetts wedding
Michigan wedding
Minnesota wedding
Mississippi wedding
Missouri wedding
Montana wedding
Nebraska wedding
Nevada wedding
New Hampshire wedding
New Mexico wedding
New York wedding
North Carolina wedding
North Dakota wedding
Ohio wedding
Oklahoma wedding
Oregon wedding
Pennsylvania wedding
Rhode Island wedding
South Carolina wedding
South Dakota wedding
Tennessee wedding
Texas wedding
Utah wedding (if this could be at Arches PUHLEEEEASE!)
Vermont wedding
Virginia wedding
Washington wedding
West Virginia wedding
Wisconsin wedding
Wyoming wedding

Ok, internet. I need you to help me out! Send this blog post (or my pretty website) to someone you know who might need a wedding photographer. All of the states. Any rad couples!

Tiny House Photo 5 Year Goal:
46 Weddings in 46 States

❤ Stephanie
Tiny House Photo

brides_getting_ready_details_islamorada_destination_wedding_steph_lynn_photo-211.jpg fort_lauderdale_stranahan_house_wedding_steph_lynn_photo-1.jpg miami_beach_edition_wedding_tiny_house_photo-30.jpg redland-koi-gardens-reception-lesbian-brides.jpg addison-wedding-steph-lynn-photo-19.jpg biltmore-wedding-steph-lynn-photo-photographer-bride-and-groom-16.jpg south-beach-edition-wedding-miami-photographer-59.jpg award-winning-wedding-photographer-seattle-tiny-house-photo-travel-adventure-weddings.jpg miami-wedding-party-w-hotel-tiny-house-photo.jpg biltmore-wedding-groom-getting-ready-steph-lynn-photo-miami-20.jpg gorgeous_wedding_images_tiny_house_photo_san_francisco_bay_area_weddings_elopements_travel_photographer.jpg miami-wedding-photographer-quirky-fun-hipster-boho-authentic-photography.jpg coconut-palm-inn-wedding-photographer.jpg palms-resort-miami-wedding-photographer-steph-lynn-photo-22.jpg addison-wedding-steph-lynn-photo-45.jpg boca_raton_wedding_photographer-14.jpg miami-biltmore-wedding-photographer-ceremony-steph-lynn-photo-32.jpg spanish-monastery-wedding-photographer-steph-lynn-photo.jpg vegan-wedding-photographer-first-look-bride-groom.jpg miami-wedding-photographer-kiss-love-portrait-photography-mattheson-hammock-park-wedding-day.jpg addison-wedding-steph-lynn-photo-37.jpg florida-keys-miami-wedding-photography-moments-action-documentary-photographer.jpg florida-keys-destination-wedding-photographer-flower-bomb-ceremony-emotional-moment-love.jpg miami_beach_edition_wedding_tiny_house_photo-9.jpg fun_bridesmaids_portrait_tiny_house_photo_luxury_wedding_photography.jpg shrink.jpg

What will your love story look like?