Weddings, Events and Coronavirus | Advice from Professional Wedding Vendors

How to Plan Your Wedding in Uncertain Times

Helpful Advice on How to Move Forward with Your Wedding or Elopement.

As a Wedding Photographer based in South Florida, I’ve dealt with many active Hurricane Seasons. The last major storm that passed through the Florida Keys destroyed so many venues causing many cancelled and postponed weddings. Coronavirus, or Covid-19, is a new beast since it’s worldwide and spreading fast.

Covid-19 has brought the Wedding Industry to a standstill overnight Weddings, Elopements and Events have been cancelled leaving wedding vendors in terrifying uncertainty and couples heartbroken.


I contacted my favorite local Wedding and Event Planner, Gina Geiler of Gina Marie Events for her advice on how to navigate Wedding planning in a time of uncertainty.

If you have made the decision to postpone your wedding due to Covid-19, there are some key steps to take to ensure you are covered for your new date:

Step 1 – Confirm your New Wedding Date

Reach out to your venue to confirm a new wedding date. I would suggest gathering at least (3) dates to propose to all your wedding professionals. I would also suggest picking a date within the calendar year. Most wedding professionals are forgoing their rescheduling fee, however, some may add this fee on for weddings scheduled in 2021 since they will have blocked off two dates over the course of two years.

Step 2 – Receive Contract Addendums

Once you have confirmed your new wedding date with all your wedding professionals it is extremely important for you to get it in writing. Have your wedding professionals send you an addendum to their contract with your new wedding date and new payment plan if you still have an outstanding balance. Make sure to sign the addendum and have the wedding professional countersign.

Step 3 – Communicate with your guests and vendors

Make sure you are communicating your new date to your wedding guests either by a digital ‘Change the Date’ or mail out a formal ‘Postponement Card’. I also encourage couples to contact their guests personally either by phone or email letting them know of the new date. 

Step 4 – Keep Planning

Now more than ever is a great time to keep planning! It may seem counterproductive since the world is at a standstill, but working on smaller details for your wedding like finding the perfect guestbook, organizing your guest addresses, working on rental contracts, etc. are a great way to keep you on track. 

Apopka-Wedding-Gorgeous-Wedding-Portrait-Golden-Hour Bride-Keeping-It-Cool-Sunglasses-Mirror-Reflection-Tiny-House-Photo

What if your wedding wasn’t postponed and is happening in Fall 2020 or early 2021?

If you are planning a Fall wedding or early 2021 wedding, follow step 4!!

All fall weddings are expected to move forward as planned so don’t procrastinate! Keep in mind that all the spring weddings are being postponed to the fall and their contracts will remain as is. So if you have been eyeing the perfect lounge setting, this may become unavailable on your wedding date if a spring wedding has been postponed to your date. Reach out to your rental/decor companies and touch base to see if your wishlist items are still available. 

If you have a wedding planner, reach out and see what is on your to-do list for the months of April/May so you can get ahead of the game!

Thank you, Gina for all of these helpful tips!! If you are in need of a Wedding Planner in South Florida, check out Gina Marie Events!!


In these uncertain times, it’s best to take things day by day. Check with your local government for their current Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions. Communicate with your wedding vendors to see what their professional opinion is on the situation. Definitely consider postponing your wedding if your guests include Grandparents and/or Immunocompromised friends and family.

Still have questions about planning your wedding around Covid-19? Feel free to contact me! I am here to help. I’m offering all of my 2020 couples free date changes for postponed weddings and elopements.

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