World Suicide Prevention Day ♡ Documentary Portrait Photographer

Just a reminder to everyone out there that depression is often times not something you can see on someone.

Depression is all consuming.
Depression is a dark storm in your brain.
Depression is numbing.
Depression is hurling a constant stream of negative insults at yourself 24/7.
Depression is experiencing the worst day of your life every day.
Depression feels like you’re underwater with no way out.
Depression is exhausting.
Depression is like drowning in quicksand.
Depression doesn’t discriminate race, religion, gender, occupation, age or net worth.

I am not a healthcare professional, nor an expert.

I am just a human being who lost a best friend to depression.

portrait-man-smiling-depression-suicide-studio-tiny-house-photo.jpg best friends watching the sunset by the lake depression-awareness-RIP-adam-tiny-house-photo-portraits.jpg

My advice to those who are experiencing depression:
Go see a healthcare professional. Depression isn’t something that just goes away. It takes work, it might take a variety of medications and new routines. There is no magic cure-all pill. Find what works best for you. Talk to your friends and family openly about your experiences. Please, don’t give up.

My advice to those who have a friend or family member struggling with depression:
Ask them what you can do for them. Listen without judgement. Don’t push them away.

Adam critical mass miami sitting night portrait


I hope you’ve found peace my friend.


Adam Goldstein
September 29, 1979 – January 13, 2018

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