Stephanie has such a special gift, and we’re so grateful that she shared it with us. We HIGHLY recommend that you book her for all of your events, especially if you are also a sensitive, deeply feeling, neuro-spicy (as she says!) person.
We 100/10 recommend Stephanie for her kindness, professionalism, expertise and sense of humor. -M+A

I'm Stephanie (she/her), A Destination wedding, elopement & Portrait photographer in st Petersburg, FL. I Document love stories & portraits anywhere in the united States.

MEET Steph
MEET Steph
MEET Steph

meet your



Just another coffee guzzling, Taylor Swift & Twilight obsessed, unapologetic cat lady who loves her freaking job.

I am so grateful I get to do what I love for a living. My Couples are typically really sentimental and intentional with every piece of their Wedding Day and that's pretty much my favorite thing. 

Fun facts:
Photography has been my one true love for 29 years.
I backpacked Europe for 2+ months...many moons ago.
Was mom to the best pug, Miyagi, for 13 years.
Marched against Prop 8 2008 in San Fran and Womens March 2017 in DC.
Vegan for 18 years and I love love love throwing down in the kitchen. 
I have driven across the United States twice. 
Home has been: South Florida, Bay Area California and NYC. 

Tiny House Photo is an affirmation. My future life plans include purchasing a Tiny House to live in.  

taurus sun

virgo rising

Sagittarius moon

Reliable • Grounded • Patient

Adventurous • Creative • Honest

Organized • Analytical • Problem-solver

my astrological chart

And how it helps your Wedding Day!

Hi! I'm Steph

Hi! I'm Patch

Hi! I'm Katya

Age: Guesstimate 2 years

Sign: Unknown

Loves: Catnip, Churu treats & chin scratches

Fave toy: Snake Toy, Reusable Grocery Bags & Hoodie strings

Nicknames: Patch-a-roni- & cheese, Princess Patch, Patchy, Baby Girl

Job: Editing Assistant

Age: 1 Year

Sign: Pisces

Loves: Bathroom sink, Stroller Walks & acting like a puppy

Fave toy: Laser Light, Crumbled up paper balls, Whatever Patch is playing with

Nicknames: Man Man, King Katya, Spicy Boy

Job: Director of Happiness

meet the team!

Mom Cat 

Kitten Son

the experience

What to expect from inquiry to album delivery!

✓ Inquire - You make the first move!

✓ Connect - You'll hear back from me within 24 hours. If I'm available for your Wedding Date we will set up a time to meet online or in person to discuss your Wedding. 

✓ Proposal - After we connect I'll send an email with a Proposal, Contract and Invoice. Instead of Collections, I love letting my Couples pick and choose what they want, a truly Custom Collection for every Couple. 

✓ Engagement Session - Let's get together before your Wedding Day to create some beautiful images of you two. 

✓ Support - I'm here for you! I will help with any logistics, your day of timeline and help you create  your family formal list. 

✓ Wedding Day! It's going to be amazzzzzing! Check your inbox before you fall asleep, your sneak peeks will be ready shortly after the party ends!

✓ Quick Turnaround - You'll get your Wedding Gallery within 4 weeks.

✓ Album layout proof delivered with your Wedding Gallery for easy Album ordering!

Why Should
We Choose
Tiny House Photo? 
Why Should
We Choose
Tiny House Photo? 

Just ask my Couples!

here for you.

Okay, I'm going to get a little sappy here. It's hard to put into words how honored I am every time a couple chooses me to document their day. The passion for what I do is abundant and I am so very grateful I get to work with so many amazing Couples all over the country. My Couples and my Business mean the World to me, I'm here for you as much or as little as you need me throughout the Wedding Planning process.

My goal is to empower and guide you, document your day with creativity and deliver an album of images for your family to enjoy forever.

I am OVER THE MOON excited to connect with you and hear about your Wedding Day. 

"We DEFINITELY chose the right photographer." 

-A & K

⁑ Create a Safe & Non Judgmental Environment for every Couple

⁑ Support, Uplift, Inspire & CELEBRATE LGBTQ+ Couples on the daily, not just during Pride Month. No tokenization here.

⁑ Advocate and Educate within the Wedding Industry to create a more welcoming space for all

Values ⁑ Morals ⁑ Beliefs 

Where the Money Goes

Monthly Contributions are made to: 

Food Not Bombs

The Loveland Foundation

Know Your Rights Camp

Other Charities I regularly donate to:

Equality Florida

To Write Love on Her Arms

The Trevor Project

As an LGBTQ+ Creative in the Wedding Industry it is important not just to be inclusive but also:

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Branding, Family and for
anything else use the link below.