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Fun Ideas For Planning Your Brunch Wedding | Destination Wedding and Elopement Photographer | Tiny House Photo

Brunch Weddings have been all the rage in recent years and the biggest complaint from Couples trying to plan one is lack of content on this particular niche. Look no further, I’ve got ideas and inspiration for your Brunch Wedding!

Why have a Brunch Wedding?

  • You are having an intimate Wedding and want something different
  • You are morning people and LOVE watching the sun rise
  • You aren’t into dance floors, or any of the traditions of an evening Wedding
  • You or some of your guests are sober
  • You want to SPEND THE WHOLE DAY with your partner
  • You’re a Breakfast person

There are plenty of reasons to go this route for your Wedding Day and plenty of guests will appreciate getting home before dinner.

Brunch Weddings are not ideal for anyone who doesn’t love waking up at the crack of dawn. If you are not a morning person, you might want to avoid planning a brunch Wedding because your day is going to start EARLY. Like 3-4am early depending on hair and makeup and how many people will need it.

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What will we feed our guests for a Brunch Wedding?

This is where a Brunch Wedding can truly shine. You can serve so many different breakfast items and cater to so many different dietary preferences. Have vegan guests? Fruit, tofu scramble, vegan waffles, avocado toast, a variety of breakfast potatoes…. the sky is the limit. Love eggs? Have a chef making made to order omelettes with a variety of add ins. This can easily be done DIY or have your favorite Breakfast diner cater it.

Cake for breakfast?

Consider a donut wall, breakfast pastry table or even a DIY Cinnamon Roll station with tons of fun toppings. You don’t have to serve cake at your Wedding. How about Breakfast PIES? I’ve seen it done at several Weddings.

More fun Ideas for your Brunch Menu:

  • Avocado Toast Station with fun toppings – easily DIY
  • Omelette Station with a chef serving made to order omelettes
  • Cinnamon Roll Bar with fun toppings
  • Create your own Waffles or Pancakes
  • Muffins, Breakfast pastries table
  • Oatmeal Station with toppings
  • SMOOTHIE BAR w/ Smoothie Barista
  • Coffee Bar
  • Create your own Fruit Salad station
  • Breakfast Sandwiches
  • Chia Parfaits
  • Potato Bar with varieties of breakfast potatoes and toppings
  • Mini Quiches
  • Breakfast Charcuterie Bar

Another option would be having your Brunch Wedding at a Hotel that hosts a fancy Brunch buffet.

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What would the drink bar serve for Breakfast?

So many options for a Brunch Bar starting with Mimosas, Bellinis and Bloody Marys! YUM. Bars can be super simple and only offer those items or even a signature drink that you and your partner love.

If you are serious about Coffee, you could hire an Espresso cart and Barista to make custom coffee drinks. So you’ve got non-alcoholic beverages and a regular bar making every guest happy.

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I think Brunch Weddings are such a fun idea for Couples having an intimate Wedding, a Destination Wedding or for Couples who just want something a little different.

If you have a lot of guests who enjoy waking up early, consider having your ceremony while the SUN IS RISING! Sunrise ceremonies are absolutely STUNNING.

A Destination Wedding on the Beach at Sunrise

If your guest list includes kids, consider something fun like a Bounce House. I have seen Wedding Bounce Houses that are White to match the aesthetic.

With the entire afternoon and evening free you could have another “after party” planned for your guests. If you are having a Destination Wedding it could be a tour of some kind. Or you could have sample itineraries for guests to do their own thing after the Wedding.

Two Brides holding Mrs Coffee Mugs at their Colorado Morning Elopement

Where should we have our Brunch Wedding?

I’ve documented morning Weddings in Backyards, Wedding Venues, Hotels and local Parks. You can basically hold your morning Wedding anywhere you’d have a traditional Wedding if they offer it at earlier hours.

If you’re hoping for a scenic outdoor space consider the Beach, Parks or Mountains but keep in mind how early it is and keep it easy for your guests.

Some hotels are known for their Breakfast Brunch Buffets, consider having your Wedding at or near the Hotel and then having your Reception there. Less to worry about with catering if they already have a Brunch happening. You will have less control over the menu, but it will also help with any decision fatigue you’re experiencing while planning your day.

Colorful Intimate Garden Wedding Ceremony in Colorado Springs

Bride and Groom Jumping on the Bed after their Brunch Wedding

Another idea for very intimate Weddings would be get married somewhere in nature at / around sunrise and then have your guests meet at your favorite diner for breakfast. Of course you would want to call ahead to make arrangements with your Breakfast establishment, but it could make for a seriously fun Elopement experience.

This Couple got married in the Bride’s family backyard, went to the mountains for some portraits and ended at their favorite Vegan Diner for Breakfast. It was absolutely perfect.

Intimate Artsy Wedding in Colorado Springs

Just remember whatever you chose to do, it’s YOUR Wedding Day. Be different. Do what you want. And have the best day ever.

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