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Couples and Engagement Sessions are my favorite thing to photograph because you get one or two hours of time to simply create without the time constraints of a Wedding Day. While I love photographing Couples in nature at golden hour and the photos are always beautiful, I’d also love to flex my creative muscle and create in other scenery. This list has been accumulating in my head for the last decade and I decided the time is now to put it out into the world in hopes that a Couple or Throuple will love the ideas and decide to go for something out of the box.

  • Lesbian Couple with a Uhaul
  • JC Penny / 80s Awkward Session
  • Greenhouse
  • A Frame House
  • Tiny House
  • Tree House
  • Taylor Swift Album themed (you pick album)
  • Studio Portraits (all flash)
  • Studio Portraits (natural light)
  • Animal Sanctuary / Farm
  • Fun Kitchen / Cooking or Baking together
  • Celebrating a new home (like the day you move in or the day after with all the boxes)
  • Kayaking or SUP adventure
  • Honeymoon (take me with youuuuuu)
  • Couple who bikes together (a tandem bike would be so fun!)
  • Rainy date (umbrellas and then getting wet together)
  • Morning coffee (Pjs / making breakfast / hanging in bed)
  • Record Store
  • Plant Store
  • Thrift Store
  • House Boat
  • Getting tattoos together
  • Activism / Protesting together (making signs / marching / etc)
  • Candle light dinner
  • Bonfire
  • RV or Vanlife
  • Snow Day (making a snowman / snowball fight / making snow angels / etc)
  • Surfing
  • Sharing a pizza (at the pizza shop or at home)
  • Sharing an ice cream cone
  • Your favorite museum (have to get permission obviously)
  • Adopting a pet together
  • Pickle Ball (why not since it’s having it’s moment)
  • Couple married for 50 years

Let’s create together! If you are interested in booking one of these Couple Session themes or have another out of the box idea for your session INQUIRE HERE !

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