Do you do offer other types of photography?


Yes! Although my focus is on Weddings and my amazing couples, I also love Branding Photography, Day in the Life Family Experiences and even Food Photography.



Day in the Life


Do you offer prints, albums or wall art?


I sure do! Your digital gallery is attached to my professional printing lab, so order away!

You can download the images and order from your favorite lab as well.

Do you travel outside of Ft Lauderdale / Miami?


Traveling is basically my second favorite thing to do after photography, so YES YES AND MORE YES. I offer mostly free travel within the state of Florida, and have a flat rate travel fee for out of Florida weddings. I've documented weddings in Hawaii, California, New Jersey, Chicago, South Carolina, Colorado.... My dream is to photograph a wedding or elopement in every state!

Do you photograph in film?


My photography career started in film and in a darkroom. I am exploring options for adding film into my Wedding Collections and even sessions. It is an EXPENSIVE add on as the cost of film and the processing of film is wildly expensive these days. I do love the look of film and I am excited to start offering it to Couples who want it!

So YES, coming soon!

Can we have the RAW files?


I don't give out RAW files, however if it is a non-negotiable for you, you can purchase the
RAW files for $2,000.

Can we see a full wedding gallery?


Absolutely! Just ask and I'm happy to send you a few that would be a similar vibe to
your wedding day!

How many pictures do we get?


This is a hard question to answer. It depends on so many things. How long is your Wedding coverage? How many guests do you have? How long are we allocating for portraits? There is no correct answer to this. You'll definitely get at least 50 edited images per hour of your Wedding.

How much is the deposit?


All Wedding Deposits are $1,000. Elopement Deposits are $500.

Reach Out!