South Florida Documentary Family Photographer
South Florida Documentary Family Photographer
South Florida Documentary Family Photographer
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the family photos you didn't know you needed!

Family Photojournalism for Florida families and beyond.

The things you'll want to remember when your kids are all grown up. The meltdowns, the family meals, how HARD it was to show up and be a parent every damn day. The good, the bad and the ugly. The laughter, the tears, the soccer practice, dirty fingernails, dance recitals, the car rides and potty training. The fart jokes, laughing fits and sibling squabbles. The living room forts, playing dress up, walking the family dog and the chaotic trips to target.

These are the days you’ll want to remember. Actual memories. Not the perfect family portrait on the beach, all smiles. I get the need for that, but this is the real deal. Your everyday life. The Family Documentary Experience is an experience every family should have. Tiny House Photo is committed to authentic storytelling.

Florida Documentary Family Photographer
Florida Documentary Family Photographer
Florida Documentary Family Photographer

Day In The Life Experience

When your children are all grown up and starting their own lives and families, what will you have to look back at? Posed family portraits do serve a purpose, but they aren't real or authentic. Documentary family photography is an honest reflection of your day to day life. And although it might not feel glamorous or important right now, in 10-20 years they will be the most important photographs you've ever had taken.

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